A Double Take on Lynching

Two Compelling Voices

“One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic.”  This quote has been attributed to Joseph Stalin. While figures do not support such large numbers attached to the phenomenon of lynching here in the United States, the numbers certainly went well beyond the “tragedy” of “one”.

Historian Susan Strasser and I teamed up to bring out into the open this hidden part of our history — not just Black history but American History. Susan presents her thorough research to show the breadth and reach of the lynching practice that includes statistical information. I put a microscope on the individual occurrence through poetry whose telling creates what I hope is a telling narrative from a number of different perspectives. Our combined effort gives the power to the subject. It is not to be missed.


“A Double Take On Lynching”  ~ Fanfare and Testimonials

“Thanks for a really powerful event. I will definitely spread the word. State sponsored terrorism is a topic that really has a lot of interest. Thanks for taking the time and your perspective on a difficult area. Thanks again” ~ Eric

“It was good to see you at the Quaker Meeting House.  The presentations were informative and moving.  We appreciate you keeping us posted on your many activities so we can try to keep up with you.”  ~ Diane and Steve